with Ella Holguin


What style is Restore and Flow?

Restore and Flow is a lovely balanced practice to relax and uplift you through both stillness and movement. The class begins with yin and restorative postures to replenish energy before moving into a fluid flow in the second half of the class.

All levels welcome.

What style is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a  gentle and meditative practice where floor based postures are held for longer so that we can work with areas of the body that usually need a little more attention - the hips, hamstrings and lower spine. Practicing in this mindful way cultivates the atmosphere to turn inwards and is great preparation for meditation.

All levels welcome.



Gyan Mudra


Do I need to book?

Ideally yes, as spaces are limited. You can book online or by emailing:


How do I enter/which room are you in?

~The Saturday morning Restore and Flow class is held in the Angelica Room (front ground floor room at number 57).

~The Wednesday evening Yin  Yoga and Meditation class is in the Rosewood room (front ground floor at number 59).

~The reception buzzer at number 57 will give you access to both classes. 


Do I need a yoga mat?

No, mats, blocks and belts are provided.

First Class ~ Taster Price £10 (available by emailing:

Single Class - £12 (available via email or online at;

5 Class Card - £50 (available by emailing Valid for 8 weeks, and can be used for all classes.