Community Yoga 
with Ella Holguin


What style is Rise and Flow?


Rise and Flow is a lovely balanced practice to relax and uplift you through both movement and stillness. 


The class begins with a warm up of more restorative postures before moving into a gentle but fluid all round flow. All classes end with time for relaxation.


All levels welcome.

Yoga Mat and Straps


Do I need to book?

Ideally yes, to guarantee your space. You can book online through the booking page


You are welcome to drop in and pay on the day if there is space available.


Do I need a yoga mat?

Yes, please bring your own mat and any props you may need. 

Is the class covid safe?

The ballroom at The Ivyhouse is a lovely large venue with plenty of space to be at a comfortable distance from your yoga neighbour. All participants are asked if they are displaying symptoms prior to booking, and no hands on adjustments will be made. Please speak to Ella if you wish to discuss any individual concerns.

I've booked but can no longer come, can I get a refund?

If you can no longer make the class it would be great if you could let me know.  I do ask that requests for refunds be made only in special circumstances. This is because the class is run at a reasonable price so that it can be accessible for the whole community, and as spaces are limited reserving  a space may prevent someone else from being able to book.

How much does the class cost? 


*Special thanks to The Ivyhouse's commitment to providing events for everybody in the community that helps to keeps costs low.

Please email Ella at;

for further concessions.


The Ivyhouse Pub, 40 Stuart Road Nunhead, SE15 3BE